Govt should own up to riot – Suresh


The leaders of the country should take full responsibility for the organised riot on 9 May, General Secretary of the Lanka Jathika Estate Workers’ Union, Vadivel Suresh said.

He said the former Prime Minister’s oppression had shattered the entire country, and that their obsession with politics and ruling had driven them to harm the public.

“We condemn the Government’s actions because they did not intervene to protect the public,” he said, and added while Rajapaksa supporters attacked the public at Galle Face, the Police looked on silently.

“University students, youths, children, and many others were severely injured, and the leaders’ abusive behaviour is reprehensible,” he added.

“The Government owes us an explanation. The protests will continue until a proper solution to all ongoing crises is found,” he said.

Suresh further said the President intentionally declared a State of Emergency and he cannot act according to his whims and fancies. “After declaring a State of Emergency, it needs to be passed to Parliament. However, Parliament sittings have been adjourned until 17 May and the President planned everything and declared it to skip passing it to Parliament,” he said.

“As a representative of Upcountry people, I strongly condemn declaring a State of Emergency, as it is detrimental. I advise the Government to take necessary action to resolve the problems of the people and not to burden them with haphazard actions,” Suresh said.

By Eunice Ruth