AMS calls off TU action


The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) has decided to temporarily suspend its trade union action.

This decision was reached after considering the current volatile situation in the country and the hardships faced by the public.

“We engaged in this trade union action for the first time in our history due to the most deplorable provocation on 9th of May 2022 by state-sponsored goons, which angered virtually all peace-loving citizens of the country,” the Association said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the AMS urged all politicians to obtain treatment from state hospitals, claiming that this will not only avoid unnecessary embarrassment and confrontation but will also enable politicians to understand the burdens caused by the current shortage of medicines at state hospitals.

The Association urged the President and the Speaker of the House to promptly convene Parliament and to establish a credible interim government to resolve the current state of anarchy and dire financial situation of the country.