AMS believes way being paved for military rule


Specialist doctors say they find it extremely strange that all acts of violence on Monday (9), had taken place while emergency regulations and an islandwide curfew had been in force.

AMS President and Secretary, Dr.LakKumar Fernando and Dr R.Gnanasekeram yesterday (10)  said they had a strong suspicion that the way was being paved for military rule. “We urge the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to take immediate action to arrest the perpetrators of the attack on peaceful protestors and the politicians who brought them to Colombo,” the duo said noting that this would prevent people from taking the law into their hands.

The Union resorted to a token strike yesterday (10) against the violent attacks on the ‘MynaGoGama’ outside Temple Trees and GotaGoGama at Galle Face.Dr.Gnanasekeram, when contacted for comment said,he would take a decision later in the evening as to whether it would be extended or not.

“We demand that the rulers and law enforcement authorities bring perpetrators who triggered the violence at Temple Trees and Kollupitiya to be brought to justice immediately in order to calm the masses,” the AMS President and Secretary said.

Behave with responsibility and with utmost restraint and patience without resorting to violence, they urged. “We, call on all law-abiding citizens of this country to act with extreme restraint and responsibility at this critical juncture. It is with utmost dismay we witnessed violence orchestrated by the supporters of former Premier, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who invited them to Temple Trees to show the general public his might,” they said.

This has triggered a spate of violent reaction through the country they said blaming the President, the former Premier, the Secretary of Defence, and the IGP for not taking appropriate action to prevent violent attacks on peaceful protestors at Galle Face and at Kollupitiya despite, emergency regulations being in place.

They appealed to all activists not to lose track of their primary goal in which all patriotic masses had placed their heart and souls. “We all should act with restraint and responsibility leaving no room for perpetrators to find fault with the process of peaceful protest,” they added. 

Meanwhile the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said it had decided to continue the strike, which commenced on Monday (9) in collaboration with the other health service trade unions till 8.00

The Union also continued their lunchtime protests in hospitals countrywide by wearing black bandsto censure State-sponsored terrorism.

GMOA Secretary, Dr.Senal Fernando said that certain incidents had been reported from hospitals owing to the conflict situation between those who had initiated the acts of violence and those who had been caught in their midst. He noted that all those responsible for the safety of the patients and the hospital staff should take maximum precautions to safeguard the State hospitals.

“Action must be taken and arrests made of politicians and individuals directly responsible for provoking their supporters to commit acts of violence against the peaceful struggle at GotaGoGama, MynaGoGama using the power vested by the State in them,” he said. The law must be enforced. All officials responsible for national security, including the Minister of Defence, the Defence Secretary and the IGP must take responsibility for their failure to prevent the attack that caused loss of life and grievous damage to property despite the State of Emergency that was imposed on Friday (6).

The GMOA Secretary called on all political parties and the President to set aside narrow political agendas and  give priority to the stability and security of the motherland. “Democracy should be established in the country by holding elections after establishing a temporary governing body to stabilise the country politically and economically in accordance with a basic programme determined with the participation of scholars and professionals.

Dr.Fernando noted that a decision had also been taken to set up an Emergency Response Teams in all hospitals to ensure the health of the people in case of any emergency situation that may occur in the island at this juncture.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne