Yellow for Democracy hosts a ‘Town Hall’


Yellow for Democracy, a non-partisan, youth-led organisation created in the face of the current economic, political, and humanitarian crisis with the aim of encouraging youth engagement and awareness, will host a ‘Town Hall’ at 5 p.m. Today (10 May) at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute with the participation of youth and young professionals, Members of Parliament, and experts from a cross-section of disciplines.

The aim of this forum will be to create an opportunity for direct engagement between people and their elected representatives, that is constructive, and in the best interest of the people and democracy. Youth and young professionals will have the chance to pose questions to their elected representatives about the way forward. Experts from a cross-section of disciplines will be present to share their knowledge and experience to ensure that we, as citizens, get legitimate and actionable responses from our elected MPs.

After the extraordinary initial gains of this organic protest movement led by the nation’s youth, there has come a point where the next phase of this country’s response to the current political and prevailing economic crisis will be decided by the effectiveness of communication between the people – especially the youth – and their elected representatives.

There is a significant ‘disconnect’ amongst the protests, the people they represent, and Members of Parliament. As youth, we are gravely troubled by the negative consequences this ‘disconnect’ could have on our immediate and long-term future. It is clear that opportunities for people to engage their elected representatives in a productive and constructive manner are critical to the process of economic and political recovery, and we believe that the need of the hour is to organise a Forum to create this dialogue.

This Forum will be streamed live, as well as broadcast to protest sites.

To sign up, or send in your questions, please reach out to @yellowfordemocracy on Facebook and Instagram, or text Yellow for Democracy at +94 777 078 078. Registration is on a first -come, first-served basis, and seating is limited, so sign up soon to be a part of this important conversation.