Ranil says he no longer supports regime


UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would no longer support the incumbent Government and will withdraw from all consultancies and assistances he provided to help the country resolve the economic crisis.

Noting that there is no law and order in the country today, UNP Leader demanded that not only the Prime Minister, but the entire government should resign.

However, he stated that a government stepping down is insufficient.

“If we lose our unity, the damage will be permanent.  At the same time I tell everyone involved in our politics that we cannot continue to engage in politics the old way. The Government should put aside their differences with the opposition parties.  We need to have strength in this moment to solve the crisis,” he said.

Speaking further he also claimed there should be a small government without party affiliation that is not burdensome to the public in order for change to happen. “If we cannot do this then I think it would be better to close down Parliament. These young people have to have their voices represented in the committees in Parliament which must be appointed to solve the crisis. 

We can save this country from this crisis. No matter how much the economy collapses, we can rebuild it. We need to create ways for the people of this country to live. We need to rebuild the economy. We need to give the youth a future.  We have to create the political, economic and social order that is being demanded by the people. So we ask everyone to support us and work together peacefully,” he said.

 “We all have to accept the responsibility for this. The response we gave to the crisis was not enough.  We wanted to make that difference. We didn’t react fast enough to the situation.  We must admit to this mistake,” he noted.

Speaking further Wickremesinghe claimed the Government is unleashing violence mercilessly against peaceful protesters. “This is the first time such a terrible situation occurred in Sri Lanka’s recent history.

The Government has used tyranny against peaceful protesters and lost its goodwill in the international sphere. If the Government used the state of emergency to disperse protesters from Galle Face, I would stop all forms of discussions with the Government.”

BY Naalir Jamaldeen