Independent professionals say attack pre-planned


Following the attacks on the peaceful protesters yesterday (9), the Independent Professionals for the Nation said they are in utmost shock and disdain witnessing the incidents in front of Temple Trees and Galle Face during a purported state of emergency.

They noted that the perpetrators are supporters of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who carried out these attacks immediately after walking out of Temple Trees. They also noted that the mob was armed with batons and poles which is a clear indication that it was a pre-planned course of action.

“It is sad to see a Police force, which stands by and watches people being publicly intimated and attacked, vehicles being damaged and property being set on fire in front of Temple Trees and thereafter allowed to march proudly towards Galle Face where further havoc was wreaked. All this happens right next to the Kollupitiya Police Station and the centre of Colombo, in closest proximity to the Presidential Secretariat and the President’s House itself, whilst the Police in riot gear watched indifferently.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the saddest days of our country where supporters of the Prime Minister attack people. This alone demonstrates that the President, the Prime Minister and his Government are incapable of governing this country any longer. They have lost the confidence of the people and lost their legitimacy to govern. They have now begun governing by the use of force. This is a despicable attempt to cling to power.

We unreservedly and vehemently condemn the Prime Minister who is the primary cause for these unforgivable actions, and the President (who is the head of the Government) and his Government who are incapable of controlling their supporters and maintaining law and order in the centre of the capital of the country. We are most disappointed in the state to which the Sri Lanka Police and the Armed Forces have been relegated to under this Government. We call upon the Inspector General of Police to forthwith take all steps and measures in terms of the Law to arrest all the perpetrators responsible for the crimes committed,” the Independent Professionals in their official statement said.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan