Govt, Rajapaksas to blame – Ganesan


 Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Leader MP Mano Ganesan said the incumbent Government and Rajapaksa family are to blame for Sri Lanka’s state of unrest, which they purposely planned and executed to destabilise the peaceful protest at Galle Face.

 He said the 30-day protest at Galle Face, Colombo has been designated as the most peaceful protest by the international community. “People who supported Mahinda Rajapaksa, destroyed it yesterday (9), beginning at Temple Trees. It is obvious that they started a riot and the people who supported him are thugs, not ordinary people,” he claimed.

This is a well-planned riot by the Rajapaksas, and the President declared the State of Emergency on purpose on 6 May to lead the country into chaos, he said.

While commenting on the unrest, he compared the situation to race riots in the 1960s and 1980s which targeted Sri Lanka’s Tamils. However, everyone in the country is currently in the same situation, which must be resolved as soon as possible.

Moreover, he noted that imposing a police curfew is effective at restoring law and order. However, citizens are already in a difficult situation due to a shortage of essential commodities and this will exacerbate their situation, he added.

“Not only Sri Lankans but also the international community should make ‘Go Home Gota’ and ‘Go Home Rajapaksas’ as the slogans to end these crises in Sri Lanka”.

By Eunice Ruth