Fourth dose for over 60: second dose for ‘12 to 15’


 The Ministry of Health has decided to administer the fourth Covid-19 vaccine to those over  60, and the second dose to those aged 12 to 15, commencing yesterday (9), according to Dr. Channa De Silva, Secretary of the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians.

He also said people over the age of 20 with immune deficiencies are eligible for their fourth dose. “The fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, on the other hand, can be obtained three months after the third dose of vaccination.” This is applicable to everyone, and he advised people to get vaccinated if they are eligible.

“No decision has yet been taken regarding vaccinating children and that would be decided upon in due course,” he said.

 Also, when inquired about the expiry date of the Covid-19 vaccine expiry, he responded that the vaccines which are currently being administered are not expired and hence he does not foresee any issues.

BY Eunice Ruth