Bring GotaGoGama attackers to justice


The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) urged the President and the Government to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators, including the politicians who led the thugs to attack the non-violent protesters at GotaGoGama, regardless of their credentials.

Condemning the attack on peaceful anti-government protesters, the SLFP said the thugs were brought to the village by several SLPP leaders.

“The right to peaceful assembly, expression, and protests are enshrined in our Constitution,” they said.

“The Prime Minister-led Cabinet has resigned at a time when our sincere efforts to find solutions to these problems through a new unity Government to rebuild our motherland, which is now facing an economic downturn, are succeeding. The opportunity to hand over control of the country to a new Government and provide a peaceful solution to the non-partisan people’s struggle, as well as a lasting solution to the country’s burning issues, has been further pushed back by today’s action,” they added.

They urged that the law be immediately enforced against the thugs and politicians who attacked these non-partisan protesters and demolished their makeshift tents.

“As a party that has fully understood the lessons of history, we responsibly state that if the Government tries to suppress the peaceful and non-violent protests of the people of this country through this stupid thuggery, there might be a bloodbath,” they said.