‘Act with extreme restraint and responsibility’ – AMS


The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) has urged all citizens to act with extreme restraint and responsibility amidst the spate of violence across the country.

Issuing a statement, the AMS expressed their dismay at the violence orchestrated by pro-government supporters, and urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to take immediate action to arrest both the mobsters who attacked the peaceful protesters, and the politicians who brought them to Colombo.

“We blame the President, Ex-Prime minister, Secretary of Defence, and the Inspector General of Police for not taking appropriate measures to prevent violent attacks on peaceful protestors at Galle Face and at Kollupitiya in spite of emergency regulations”, the statement read.

Further, the AMS requested the people “to behave with responsibility, to have the utmost patience and restraint without resorting to violence”, urging them to refrain from straying away from their primary objective.

Apart from their pleas to both the citizens, rulers and other law enforcement authorities, the AMS raised concerns that all these violent acts happened amidst emergency regulations and an islandwide curfew.

“…we have a strong suspicion that we are possibly paying a pathway for military rule”, they said in this regard.