TNA to vote in favour of No Confidence Motions


The TNA is prepared to vote in favour of the SJB’s No-Confidence Motions, TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said.

Addressing the media, the MP said the TNA had long opposed the Executive Presidency.

He said the No-Confidence vote against the President and the Government would result in a clear victory, and that the next steps to be taken following the victory would be discussed.

Sumanthiran said a thorough study of the country’s political crisis should be carried out at this time, and that decisions on the TNA’s future course would be made based on the information obtained from such a study.

He added that the TNA had also objected to the State of Emergency, and that his party had been fighting it since the inception of the LTTE war.

By Rasadi Gamage – Vavuniya