Suppressing people’s action not the solution – PAFFREL


People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) urged the Government as well as the Opposition to sincerely intervene in the political reforms that need to be carried out in line with the just demands of the people and not to implement repressive Ordinances such as the Emergency Act to suppress the aspirations of the people under any circumstances.

“The Government says that the imposition of the State of Emergency is a short-term measure to safeguard the lives of the people. The short-sighted decisions taken by the Government in the recent past, which has the primary  responsibility of safeguarding the lives of the people, have created an economic and political crisis in the country and to resolve the crisis that has created itself. We believe it is outlandish to bring in repressive laws like the Emergency Law,” noted the PAFFREL. PAFFREL claimed that the nearly a month has passed since the political crisis in the country, but the political authority’s inflexibility and delay in finding an acceptable solution to the problem has exacerbated the problem by provoking popular opposition and anger at politicians.

“It should be noted that despite the fact that Parliament has been in session for nine days since the crisis began, it is extremely unfortunate that the people’s representatives have failed to provide a positive answer to the problem other than holding cross-talks and shouting at the expense of huge sums of money,” they added. PAFFREL noted that the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka have already expressed their displeasure at the imposition of the state of emergency, and the European Union and many diplomats have stated that the imposition of the state of emergency is not an acceptable solution rather than a solution to the problems of the people.

PAFFREL also urged the people not to resort to violence, no matter what the provocations, and to work to win their appeals peacefully.