PUCSL decries Emergency


The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has objected to the declaration of a State of Emergency in Sri Lanka for the second time in five weeks, urging the Government to rescind the decision because it will further destabilise the current economic situation.

In a letter to the Secretary to the President, the Chairman of the PUCSL Janaka Ratnayake said that they believe the continuous shortage of electricity was the main reason and cause of the public/consumer upheaval and current level of agitation and unrest among consumers and the general public.

“It’s our obligation to advise the government on matters concerning the consumers’ wellbeing and therefore, we advise the government not to invoke public emergency at this juncture as it will further destabilise the present economic situation bringing more hardships to the common peoples where the PUCSL will not be able to exercise its mandate in serving and looking after the interests/needs of specially consumers and other stakeholders,” the letter said.

Ratnayake said that as the regulatory body for electricity and petroleum, it’s the prime obligation of the PUCSL to ensure that the interests of more than 7.3 million electricity consumers and over 21 million users from new-borns to those who are bed-ridden are protected and taken care of.

“We believe that a continuous short supply of electricity (scheduled power cuts) is the main reason for the public outcry and agitation of the public. The PUCSL believes that this advice and concerns will be considered objectively and seriously,” he said.