LIOC imposes fuel limits


Issuing of fuel for vehicles will be limited at Lanka IOC filling stations from today (09).

Accordingly, fuel for Rs 2,000  could be pumped for motorcycles, Rs 3,000 for three-wheelers and Rs 8,000 for cars, vans and jeeps. This does not apply to buses, lorries and commercial vehicles

Diesel and petrol would once again not be issued into cans. LIOC said various groups were collecting and storing large quantities of fuel and had caused great inconvenience to the people.

Meanwhile, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) instructed filling station owners to limit issuing kerosene to five litres per customer. It said that fishers who needed more than five litres should present a letter from the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to gas station attendants.

“The CPC provides kerosene at concessionary rates to selected groups of people because we understand that they depend on kerosene. However, kerosene is also used by various industries, businesses and buses too. These are not categories that the concessions are meant for. Issuing subsidised kerosene to industries, businesses and buses is a serious problem and gas stations must be vigilant,” the Corporation said.