Indian HC denies reports on water canon vehicle import


The Indian High Commission in Colombo claimed that reports alleging that Sri Lanka had imported a water canon under an Indian credit line were factually incorrect.

Taking to twitter, the High Commission stated, “We have seen reports that a water canon vehicle was imported by the Government of Sri Lanka under a credit line extended by the Indian Government. These reports are factually incorrect,”

“No water canon vehicles have been supplied by India under any of the credit lines extended by India to Sri Lanka,” it emphasised.

The High Commission added that the credit line of USD 1 billion to Sri Lanka is intended to help the people of Sri Lanka with availability of food, medicines and other essential items required by the people of Sri Lanka in the current situation.

“Such incorrect reports don’t make any constructive contribution to the cooperation and efforts undertaken to address the ongoing challenges faced by the people of Sri Lanka,” the twitter message added.