Galle Face protest marks one month today


Today (9) marks one month since the beginning of the non-political protest at the Galle Face Green, urging the incumbent Government and the President to resign.

The protest began last month, with a large number of people, including youths from all over the island, participating. Protesters who set up tents near the Presidential Secretariat continue to demonstrate day and night.

They have been protesting in front of the Presidential Secretariat since then, braving the rain and holding placards, demanding solutions to the country’s economic crisis and political turmoil, as well as the resignation of the President and the Government.

Protesters also established a small village on the Galle Face Green, offering free food, beverages, temporary housing, solar-powered electricity, emergency medical facilities, and library services to those who came to support the demonstration. Similar protest sites have now been set up throughout the island.