CPC begins random tests on fuel quality at its stations


Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera says that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has begun random checks on fuel quality at all their fuel stations across the island.

He said that there had been complaints about the quality of the fuel as some fuel stations were mixing petrol with water, kerosene, and other liquids.

The minister noted on Twitter that the licences of fuel stations found to be in violation of guidelines will be immediately revoked.

Meanwhile, reports and videos about the quality of fuel at a particular filling station had been circulated on social media. In response, the Minister stated that the fuel tanker in question in Narammala had been brought to Colombo for further investigation.

He also said the fuel station in Galle has been closed down after initial investigations had shown that the management has not followed proper stocking guidelines.

“Fuel samples from the Narammala filling station have already been sent to laboratories for investigation. The questionable bowser had been bought to the Kolonnawa Terminal where the necessary investigations were conducted to determine the cause of the issue. The bowser distributed Petrol 92 Octane to two stations in Dambadeniya other than the Narammala Filling Station. The tests carried out at those two filling stations àt Dambadeniya did not show any deviation in the fuel specifications,” a communiqué from the Ministry of Energy stated.

It also said that on 5 May 2022, around 6 million litres of Lanka Petrol 92 Octane were distributed island-wide and 472 bowsers were engaged in the distribution. There have been no incidents reported so far from those filling stations.

“Appropriate standardised procedures are always followed when releasing fuel from a terminal or bulk depot and the relevant samples are tested daily. Before releasing the fuel for the bowsers from the distribution points, the bowser crew verifies the standards of fuel as a practice. The quality of the fuel in the particular bowser, that reached the Narammala filling station, was certified while it was loaded, before leaving the Muthurajawala Terminal,” it said.

Further, an extensive investigation is also underway into the information circulating on social media regarding the quality of Lanka Petrol 92 Octane at a filling station in Galle. Preliminary investigations have revealed that routine operational procedures were not adhered by filling station staff to maintain the fuel quality before commencing sales.

The filling station has been duly informed to close operations until the completion of the full tests and investigations.

According to the international procedures, fuel quality is tested four times, from the time it is ordered from the supplier to the time that it is delivered to the customer’s vehicle. The quality of the fuel is specially checked before it is shipped from overseas. An independent inspection team, appointed by both, the supplying company and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation conducts those tests.

After the ship arrives at the Port of Colombo, the quality testing is carried out at the Kolonnawa and Sapugaskanda laboratories under the supervision of an independent inspection team.

The fuel in delivery tanks are tested for the specifications before loading to the bowsers and randomly checked after being unloaded at the filling stations.

Consumers can call 0115 234234 and 0115 455130 if they have any queries regarding the quality of fuel.