TNA will vote in favour of no-confidence motion – Sumanthiran


The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is ready to vote in favour of the no-confidence motion tabled by the Samagi Jana Balawega (SJB), TNA Jaffna District Parliamentarian, M. A. Sumanthiran PC says, adding that the TNA has opposed the executive presidency since a long time.

He said the no-confidence motion against the President and the government would see a clear victory and the next course of action pertaining to the improvement of the current situation will be discussed after the triumph.

Sumanthiran noted that the current political crisis in the country should be thoroughly studied at this juncture and decisions to be taken by the TNA would be based on information obtained from such a study.

He added that the TNA also objects to the state of emergency imposed on Friday by the President.

Original story: Rasadi Chathurangi Gamage – Vavuniya

Translated by: Dilini Madushanki