Defence Ministry clarifies State of Emergency


The Ministry of Defence urges the public to assist in managing the economic and social crisis and unrest in the country.

Issuing a statement to clarify the state of emergency declared in Sri Lanka, the Ministry said the government respects the democratic right of the people to peacefully express their unrest and protests within the democratic framework.

However, the Ministry has observed protesters behaving in a provocative and threatening manner without any regard for the prevailing law and order in the country, disrupting the work of the police and security forces.

“We are all in great distress due to the protests and hartals carried out in various parts of the country in a manner that affects the daily lives.”

As a result, law-abiding citizens find it difficult to maintain the essential services required to carry out their daily lives.

Hence, the President has imposed the state of emergency to maintain public peace, securing the lives of the people and ensuring social stability.