Upcountry people need Samurdhi -like welfare – Radhakrishnan


Similar to Samurdhi beneficiaries, the upcountry people should also be given
Rs 7,500 as an incentive on a monthly basis, Leader of the Up-Country People’s Front and SJB MP V. Radhakrishnan said.

He said crises have severely affected the people and the Government should take measures to resolve them. “Upcountry people suffer a lot more than those who live in urban areas. A new system should be introduced so they can buy goods at Lanka Sathosa,” he said.

“The Government has decided to provide Rs 7,500 to Samurdhi beneficiaries. However, upcountry people have not been given any incentives or facilities. Upcountry people have been affected more than Samurdhi beneficiaries. Without showing any partialities, the Government should take measures to provide upcountry people with the same incentive. The prices of essential goods at Lanka Sathosa are much lesser compared to other stores. A plan needs to be implemented to buy essential goods at Lanka Sathosa”.

While, commenting about the Deputy Speaker election in Parliament, he alleged that a well -scripted drama had been performed and it has revealed the real faces of people who said that they will act independently.

By Eunice Ruth