The Rainbow



The rainbow always amazes me with its seven colours.
I cannot explain the happiness I get from watching it endlessly as it sits high up in the sky like a bright smile.

What a beauty.

My favourite colour is indigo. I think it adds so warmth and brightness to the rainbow.

I think it is amazing that it appears after a storm or rainfall. This is a lesson I will forever hold with me that no matter how bad a situation there may be, I can look on the brighter side of a tough situation because there will be one for sure, smiling at me when enough time passes.  You know what is better than a rainbow?
A double rainbow.

A double rainbow is when sunlight is reflected twice within a raindrop with the violet light that reaches the observers eye coming from the higher raindrops and the red light from lower raindrops.

This is a more spectacular occurring and is extremely beautiful and rare too.

Every time it rains, I’m outside looking for seven colours magically written across the sky.
Sometimes I wonder if this can be considered a real magical experience because I get the same feeling when I read a fantasy tale, about magic and powers. I’m as hooked, mesmerised and immersed in this happening. Some love looking at stars at night,I lookout for beautiful rainbows.
I can’t remember when I saw the last rainbow but this year I have spotted at least five times and I got the opportunity to show it to some of my friends who never really saw the magic and beauty in rainbows. Now, they too play the game of spotting a rainbow and we would make a call to each other when we can see one so the other person can attempt to spot it if we are living around the same area. I’m waiting for my baby sister to grow a few years older so I can show her too.

I’m obsessed with rainbows. In fact, I love rainbows so much that my sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and 10 birthday cakes were all different rainbow cakes. This year was special because this time even the inside of the cake was rainbow coloured. It was so bright and beautiful and tasty.

My room is rainbow themed. I have posters and toys all with rainbows on them. It is so colourful and makes me so happy. Every morning when I wake up I smile looking at all the different colours the occupy my room.
I hope I get to study more about rainbows.

By Prishika Jones