Naughty Bingo


The doorbell rang when I was having dinner with my family. Mirabelle, my best friend, was crying as I opened the door. On a stormy night, I was surprised to see her. I allowed her in and urged her to dry herself off in front of the fireplace because she was drenched from head to toe. She sat on a couch near the fireplace after drying herself off it.  Then I asked, “Mirabelle, why are you here in this stormy night, also in tears?”

“Ella, can you remember my puppy Bingo? He’s lost. My parents are not at home. Therefore, I can’t stay at home without Bingo,” Mirabelle replied sobbing.

I soothed her saying, “Mirabelle, don’t cry. You can stay with us tonight and tomorrow let’s go and search Bingo. I’ll share my bedroom with you.”

She thanked me and we had dinner with Mirabelle and went to bed. Next day was Saturday so no school. We started to look for Bingo. We looked everywhere. We looked in the park, in neighbors’ homes and even the shops. Our friends too came to help us. We searched from the morning till night but we had no luck. Mirabelle became so sad. Since her parents didn’t come, that day too Mirabelle spent the night at our place.  Next morning her parents came and heard what had happened. They pacified Mirabelle and looked for Bingo. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him. The next Saturday when I visited Mirabelle, they were cleaning their house. I too went there and helped them to clean. While we were cleaning the storeroom, we heard a small bark behind a pile of old boxes. We cleared the boxes to find Bingo! Mirabelle was overjoyed.

She hugged Bingo saying, “You naughty puppy!” From then onwards Mirabelle kept an eye on Bingo to see whether he got into mischief again.

By Methulini Mallikarachchi