Love is Lovely


“Truly tired

You gave all the strength

Without thinking twice

Stand, do not fall again

‘You are a mighty tree’

You used to say

Without knowing the meaning

Unkind sky

Pouring rain over the head

Cannot remember the number of days

When an  umbrella was forgotten

Filling shoes with water

From top and bottom”

Kapila M. Gamage inks his latest collection of poetry starting the social dilemma which is pouring down on the people of this nation. At a time when inflation is sky rocketing Asathu Gaha Yata Pahara Kaa Premaya is everyman’s suffering etched within poetic stanzas.

Jesus is compassion embodied within a human body. The narrator meets Jesus everyday on the streets and wonders if he is the same Jesus.

“After everyone has gone home

Lighted by the street lights

Holding on to the iron railing

Looking down and mumbling silently

One with the long beard

Is it Jesus or just like Jesus

Clock which strikes on midnight

On the clock tower in the middle of the town

What does it know?

Of the closed hearts of the people

Where blood seeps slowly

A house where love never perished

Seeking a handful of mustard

Pilgrimages can be seen

Wearing crowns of thorns

By heavenly hands”

Memories fade within time yet the tokens of such moments are collected. The narrator slowly searches memory as such tokens rekindle the memories of yesteryear bringing back nostalgic emotions. Yet, not all memory is sweet nor are they all soothing to the heart.

“On certain moments

A Delta toffee wrapper

Caught by the wind

Embraces the feet

While at a bus stop

On certain moments

A love letter written by a fountain pen

Is found

Within a book cover

Words blurred by the hands of time

On certain moments

A blue ribbon

Peeks from an old trunk box

Remember the favourite colour

Falling from the tips of plaited hair

On certain moments

Fragrance of Dhal curry been cooked

Slowly felt

Etched with the same fragrance when Amma cooked Dhal

On days when hunger gnawed the heart”

Asathu Gasa Yata Pahara Kaa Premaya analyses the concept of the Bo tree as a symbol of love. In a society where love is misinterpreted as an emotion of disgrace how can there be progress? The narrator questions this dilemma through the poem Asathu Gasa Yata Pahara Kaa Premaya.

Certain everyday places in life turn into tokens filled with loving memories.  The narrator brings in the picture of a couple meeting on a bus stop. It is not just a bus halt is filled with romantic stanzas where the everyday struggle of the common man is etched.

“That dark bus halt

Where I used to kiss thy cheeks

An unofficial place where love resided

On certain days

When rain crashed in

It was like permission

To embrace each other for warmth

When water flowed under the feet

Where the warmth of your embrace felt

Heart and shoulder melted”

Embodied with the suffering of the common man Asathu Gasa Yata Pahara Kaa Premaya are revolutionary words questioning the very base of the concept of love and compassion which are shunned within certain unopened minds. Painted with the colours of nostalgia Gamage brings forth Asathu Gasa Yata Pahara Kaa Premaya as the common man’s revolution against a biased society.  

By Nisansala Dharmasena Bertholameuze