Just another Saturday with the boys


The fourth instalment in the Jackass film series, Jackass Forever reunites us with the original members, 20 years since the release of the first Jackass movie.

Unfortunately, with the cruel passage of time, many of the old cast members are not able to partake in some of the more gruelling exploits. While they still join in for some very hard hitting stunts, the majority of the burden is placed on a handful of new cast members who all grew up on the Jackass franchise. While this movie can barely be considered a movie in the traditional sense, it is an experience that is guaranteed to be a fun time, even if you have to occasionally watch the screen through the gaps in your fingers.

For anyone who hasn’t seen any of the previous instalments of the Jackass series (like me), this comedy really does put the slap in slapstick – more literally than you would expect. There is one stunt where there are two massive mechanical hands designed to slap your body so you fall backwards into a pool. This is one of the more tame stunts. This movie is simply about finding the most creative ways to inflict pain and torment on anyone who agrees to be on screen. And while you might have preconceived ideas of what ‘pain’ means in a reality comedy movie, this film is here to completely wipe the slate.

Some of the stunts in this movie are just so outrageous and insane it is incredibly impressive how they managed to come up with them, but also how they managed to pull it off practically. You will be constantly worried about the people on screen but it won’t be enough to stop you from bursting out laughing at the same time. The worst part is that this is all based on the same brand of toilet humour that really shouldn’t be allowed to be this funny. I made the fatal mistake of trying to eat dinner while watching this movie, and as would be expected, I lost my appetite almost immediately.

This is the type of movie that is guaranteed to get a reaction out of you; whether it is groans, shrieks, or laughter. But it did take me some time to warm up to this movie though, as I was expecting something that came in a film format. Instead I got a very informal set of stunts done by people who were laughing alongside me as somebody got kicked in the nuts. Once I got the idea of what this film was about though, it was a lot easier to enjoy.

The moment that truly convinced me of this film’s value though has to be the one with Steve-O and a rather special queen bee as it is one of the most absurd and jaw dropping things i’ve seen on screen. Even Johnny Knoxville, who I assumed was going to take it easy, really went the extra mile for a few of these stunts. In general the willingness of everyone in the cast to just go ahead with some of these stunts was really admirable. It goes to show just how much the spirit of Jackass has influenced these people over the years, creating this community of people who are willing to try anything with what seems like fearlessness.

I also appreciated that this movie was just pure fun. They didn’t waste any time trying to give you some message to take home or trying to teach you any sort of lesson. You just get to laugh at people getting hurt really badly and honestly, that is more than enough to enjoy.

For the majority of the runtime, this movie was pushing out some amazing stunts and pranks. However, I did think the ending was pretty weak. The stunts towards the end could have fit in anywhere in the movie, and for something that is said to be the last instalment of the series, it was not a great way to conclude the film.

Overall, there was a certain charm to this movie despite how downright disgusting and depraved it is. I was even convinced to check out the other films in the series after this one. While this by no means is a traditional ‘film’ with any sort of structure or story, it is the kind of stupid fun that we all need once in a while.

By Sadira Sittampalam