Is Sri Lanka Safe to Visit in 2022?


Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations to visit – CNN Travel 2022

Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island that is home to a rich cultural heritage and a fascinating natural heritage. Its golden sandy beaches, forests and wildlife, majestic elephants and magical leopards, mystic hills, extraordinary man-made creations such as gigantic ancient tanks, massive stupas, and the many ruins that are scattered all over the island, truly make Sri Lanka the wonder of Asia. Sigiriya which is unofficially known as the 8th wonder of the world is a proud creation of the ancestors of the islanders.

The Sinhalese Buddhists being the majority of the country, Sri Lanka is also home to the Veddas, Tamils, Muslims, and many other races, religions, and ethnicities. This makes Sri Lanka another wonder as it is home to a number of cultures making
Sri Lanka’s cultural diversity vivid. This is a nature that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world. All the four main religions are freely practiced in Sri Lanka, while many other religions and beliefs can be experienced in Sri Lanka. Whereelse in the world can this be seen?

Therefore, Sri Lanka has always been a favourite destination of travellers from all around the world since historic times. Travellers and traders were attracted to Sri Lanka in search of Buddhist texts, spices, herbs, ivory and elephants, pearls, and most importantly the best quality and magical gems this land produces.

Today, travellers visit Sri Lanka for its extraordinary beauty, to experience its unique culture, experience one of the few surviving earliest forms of Buddhism, and for Sri Lanka’s unique and simple food.

However, today, there is a concern among some, about if Sri Lanka is safe enough to visit, due to the political and economic turmoil happening here.

Sadly and unfortunately, some of the Sri Lankans on Social media and local and international media create a bad image about
Sri Lanka, picturing that Sri Lanka is no longer safe for tourists. These social media and local and international media portray a picture that Sri Lanka is no longer safe, riots are happening all over the country, people are killing each other, and burning property and travelling is extremely unsafe.

Is this true?

The direct and firm answer is no. This is not true. Sri Lanka is perfectly safe to travel to in 2022. People are not killing each other or burning property all over the country. Riots are not a threat to the safety of the public or of travellers.

Therefore, anyone can visit Sri Lanka and enjoy a safe and pleasant holiday here.

The hospitality of Sri Lankans has not changed even a bit. The beauty of Sri Lanka has not changed at all. The quality of Ceylon Tea or
Sri Lankan food is still the same. Our forests are still lush and alive filled with wildlife and our ruins are still as mystic as they used to be. The golden beaches are still warm and calming. People on this little island are still kind and hospitable and are willing to embrace travellers with warmth and love.

So do not hesitate to visit Sri Lanka. We shall embrace you with our love and warmth. We will make this your best holiday experience in 2022.

Sri Lanka ranked #2 in Women Solo Travel Index – The safest cities for women travelling alone.

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy