Tense situation reported in Akkaraipattu, 11 injured


A total of 11 Police personnel and one civilian were hospitalised following a clash between the Police and area residents of Akkairapattu, over a road accident that took place at the Palamuna roadblock.

The incident took place last night (05), when Police had stopped a motorcycle at the roadblock, for riding dangerously without his helmet. Proceeding to ignore Police instructions, the 39-year-old motorcyclist then skid and toppled over, sustaining injuries.

He was later admitted to the Akkaraipattu Hospital.

Nearly 700 area residents who learnt of the incident later arrived at the scene, and had assaulted Policemen personnel present at the time, and torched the Police booth set up in the area.

A Policeman later opened fire at the group, in attempts to control the situation, injuring a 31-year-old civilian.

The Akkaraipattu OIC, six Police Officers and three Civil Security Force officers were also injured.

All 11 were hospitalised at the Akkaraipattu and Ampara hospitals, however, hospital sources later confirmed that none are in critical condition.

The Pottuvil ASP has launched investigations into the incident, on orders of the Senior DIG in charge of the Eastern Province.