STF nab gajamuthu cache


The STF on Wednesday (4) arrested an individual who was attempting to sell gajamuthu and pearls .

The arrest was made at a private guest house in Arugam Bay based on information given by the STF in the Pottuvil Division of the Ampara District.

The STF sent in a decoy, posing as a buyer, and arrested the suspect with the goods.

A team from the Periyaneelavanai STF Camp, led by OIC R.A.C.T.A. Ratnayake and S. P. Bandara, conducted the raid under the guidance of Ampara District Commanding Officer T.C. Wevidavithane, on the instructions of STF Commandant DIG Waruna Jayasundera and Ampara Region Commander SSP J. R. Senadeera. 

Seven pieces of gajamuthu  and pearls were seized from the suspect and handed over to Pottuvil Police.

(Pic by Farook Shihan)

BY Naalir Jamaldeen