Estate workers to join hartal – Suresh


The Lanka Jathika Estate Workers’ Union will support the hartal today (6) by standing against the President and the Government until they step down, General Secretary, Vadivel Suresh said.

“People across the country continue to express their opposition to the President and the Government by staging protests. However, the rulers aren’t paying attention to it and their negligence is the major reason for the present economic crisis,” he added.

The Finance Minister recently admitted that the country is facing a major setback due to the economic crisis.

“The queues are increasing day by day. Health, education, and the lives of upcountry people have been severely affected. We will not be able to progress with the debt situation. Focusing on the future and implementing new strategies to overcome the present issues are important. To drive that message home, we will participate in the hartal,” Suresh said.

By Eunice Ruth