Ending racism only way out of economic issues – Saba Kugadas


Ending racism is the only way to end the current economic issues, Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) Youth Wing Leader and former Northern Provincial Council Member, Saba Kugadas said.

He noted that, recently, the Minister of Public Services, Provincial Councils, and Local Government urged expatriates to come back and work in Sri Lanka. He also said that he will arrange the necessary measures for them to begin and continue their work in the country. “The major reason for this sudden request is to resolve the dollar crisis in the country”.

However, without knowing the proper cause of the problem, seeking help from expatriates is not practical and the Government should be more responsible in finding solutions to the on-going issues. Implementing improper plans at the incorrect time will further increase risks,” he said.

“Seventy per cent of expatriates are Tamil people and only they can help the country overcome all the crises. However, it is impossible to bring them at once and also the investors are not ready to come here,” said Kugadas.

He further said, that racism is an on-going issue in Sri Lanka and no solutions have been given to resolve it to this day. “Proper decisions and resolutions need to be taken to end racism in the country. If this happens, the Tamil community abroad will be able to support the country to overcome the dollar crisis.

Seeking the help of expatriates and seeking the help of other countries are two possible ways the country can overcome its issues. The Government should decide on how it will overcome this crisis,” he said.

By Eunice Ruth