4,645 diploma holders get teaching appointments


Appointment letters were handed over to National Teaching Diploma Holders and Assistant Teachers under the aegis of Minister of Education  Ramesh Pathirana at the Central Provincial Council Auditorium on 3 May.

Governor of the Central Province, Lalith U. Gamage was also present. Nearly 544 National Teaching Diploma Holders obtained their Certificates.

Meanwhile, teacher appointments were handed over to 4,645. The appointments were from Grades 1 to 3 of the teachers’ cadre. Speaking at the event Minister Pathirana said the future of the country depended on   education. He told recipients they should serve the country to the best of their ability.

He said the Government has invested a large amount of money for education and said it was up to the newly appointed teachers to reap its benefits and guide the younger generation on the right path.

Pathirana added that the Government was also determined to reform the education sector in keeping with modern demands.