Wang Sicong’s social media accounts banned


Social media accounts of Chinese national, Wang Sicong, who spoke against the country’s suppression of Media voices and Shanghai’s strict lockdowns, have been banned, local Media reported on Friday.

Wang Sicong, the only son of Wang Jianlin, Founder and Chairman of Wanda Group (One of China’s largest real estate development companies) reposted a video on Weibo questioning whether the WHO had ever recommended the Traditional Chinese medicine, Lianhua Qingwen, and wrote that “The China Securities Regulatory Commission should strictly investigate Yiling Pharmaceutical. To have a rigorous, courageous, conscientious, and a truth-seeking Media in China now is actually really difficult.”

After this, although Sicong deleted this text, his account was temporarily banned from posting anything on 19 April. On 28 April, his account has been permanently deleted from Weibo. He had around 40 million followers on Weibo.

Before this, on 5 April, Sicong also called out a post of CCTV news on US Covid data as “fake news” and asked CCTV to delete it. He also recently posted that “The nucleic acid test each morning isn’t about whether you’re positive or negative, it’s about your servility and guts. Not gonna do the test anymore from today onwards.”

His WeChat moments also show that on 10 April, he released a remark alluding situation in Shanghai, “In the 21st century, the only possible reason for not being able to eat is because of politics.” There are rumours that Wang Sicong has been arrested for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” (a common charge that CPC authorities use to suppress dissenting voices) but it cannot be confirmed yet.

His WeChat account has also been restricted from logging in. This incident has caused heated discussions on Weibo with netizens wondering “Even the former richest man’s family member has been banned, what can we, ordinary people say?”