US Ambassador reiterates support towards peaceful protests


US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung has reiterated their support for the rights of peaceful protesters.

Taking to Twitter regarding yesterday’s incident where 12 peaceful protesters were arrested by Police near the Parliament complex, Chung noted that the freedom to engage in peaceful protests “without fear of arrest” is a fundamental right to democracy.

“The US urges restraint on all sides and reiterates our support for the rights of peaceful protesters”, the US Ambassador tweeted.

A group of 12 protesters were forcefully arrested by Police last afternoon (04), after which they were released on personal bail by the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court. At the time of the arrest, however, the protesters were seen demanding to know the charges on which they were being arrested.

A Police officer was heard responding to this saying the group of protesters were obstructing the road to Parliament, and were inconveniencing Parliamentarians by hooting.