Kerala Cannabis worth Rs 123M seized


A special operation conducted by the Navy in Saukkadu sea in the dark hours on 3 May led to the seizure of about 492 kg of Kerala cannabis and the arrest of a suspect with a dinghy. The value of seized Kerala cannabis is believed to be over Rs 123 million.

The arrest was made by an Inshore Patrol Craft attached to the Northern Naval Command, after detection of a suspicious dinghy in Saukkadu sea on 3 May. The Navy recovered about 492 kg of Kerala cannabis, in 225 packages, stuffed in 15 sacks, when the dinghy was searched. The stock of Kerala cannabis together with the suspect and the dinghy were taken into Naval custody.

The suspect is a 20-year-old resident of Jaffna. The accused, together with the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy, will be handed over to the Vaddukoddai Police for investigation.