Dispensary closed for over three months


Owing to not having an Estate Medical Officer (EMO), the dispensary functioning in the Ragala Central Division Estate has been shut by the estate management for over three months.

This dispensary was functioning for a long time and the estate community in the Ragala First and Second Divisions, T.C. estate and some other estates in the area benefited.

After the estates were taken over by private companies, the medicines required by this dispensary were provided through the Estate Human Resource Development Fund.

As the estate management was allegedly obstructing the EMO attached to this dispensary from performing his duties, he asked for a transfer to an estate in Kataboola three months ago. This vacancy was not filled and part of the dispensary building is used as the quarters of estate officers.

The estate community had to go to Delmar Regional Hospital, nearly 6 km away, spending over Rs 600 for transport.

The estate community plans to bring this to the attention of newly-appointed Estate Infrastructure Development Minister A. Aravind Kumar.

By Naalir Jamaldeen