Monk group protests in front of President’s official residence


The Inter-University Bhikku Federation (IUBF) staged a protest opposite the President’s official residence in Fort today (03).

The protest had commenced at the Viharamahadevi Park and had headed towards the Galle Face Green.

As the roads were blocked by Police barricades near the World Trade Centre, the protesters had removed the barricades and moved forward.

They also removed the barricades in front of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and proceeded to protest in front of the President’s official residence, where it took a heated turn, our correspondent reported.

This is the first time a protest has been staged in front of the President’s official residence since the commencement of the anti-government protests, after which the Police had barricaded the surrounding roads.

Translated by: Dilini Madushanki


  1. Banning and attacking citizens protesting against injustice is tyranny. This type of tyranny is not tolerable in international politics and the outside world will soon take a look at what needs to be done to rectify this situation.
    The Rajapaksas are no better than low type robbers in hellhole nations such as Sierra Leone or the cartel bosses. There needs to be consequences for their behavior. If not the rules based world order will fail, when it doesn’t have to, in the case of a small and peaceful nation like ours.

  2. UN, World Bank – Investigate Rajapaksa ill gotten wealth. It is all Stolen public wealth, and qualifies to be investigated under the STolen Assets Recovery (StAR) initiative. They also deserve to be sanctioned as political criminals.

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