Mirihana Protest: 15 give statements to CID


A group of 15 persons, who were arrested and released on bail, over the protest near the President’s house in Mirihana on 31 March, visited the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) yesterday to have their statements recorded. 

Following the tense situation that erupted, the Police used teargas, water cannon and batons to disperse the protesters, while arresting 54 persons.

Fifteen were released on bail by Court and were present at the CID yesterday morning. 

Meanwhile, Attorney-at-Law Nuwan Bopage, who appeared on behalf of the suspects, alleged that the Police deliberately avoiding arresting those who were involved in damaging public property during the protest.

“The residents in the area claim that supporters of a businessman, who has connection with the Government were involved in causing the damage. However, the Police are reluctant to arrest the culprits. There are even videos that show the person who set a bus on fire. But the Police have not made any progress yet. This conduct of the Police is highly questionable,” he said.

Speaking further, Bopage said that those who were arrested were granted bail as the Police failed to present sufficient evidence on the damage to public property.

“In such a backdrop, it is very unfair to summon those who participated in the protest to the CID to record statements. The lawyers would appear on behalf of those who were attacked by the Police,” he said.

By Bingun Menaka Gamage