Extreme power greed led to cover-up – Cardinal


Excess power greed and the greed to wrest power were instrumental in hiding facts about the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks, Head of Sri Lanka’s Catholic Church, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith accused.

Rendering the sermon during Holy Mass in Padua, Italy, a disappointed Cardinal Ranjith accused the former President, the Intelligence and the Police hierarchy of having concealed details regarding a pending disaster and continuing to do so even after the attacks. They shirked their responsibility, he said. “We were the only ones who seemed to be unaware about the pending disaster. Had we known we would have been able to save the lives of those people who died and those who were maimed as a result”.

The mass was sung in Padua, Italy in Sinhalese with the participation of the 21 April Easter Sunday victims who were on tour with the Cardinal and some Sri Lankan expatriates.

Cardinal Ranjith said the leaders and officials deliberately neglected their responsibilities in a bid to win the Presidential Election. “They wanted to show that they can protect the country, they wanted to say that justice would be done to the country. Otherwise, those who knew about the pending threat would have taken measures to warn us and ask us to take safety precautions.

Instead they circulated a letter amongst them and safeguarded themselves. The officials and politicians escaped by sacrificing the lives of innocent people,” Cardinal Ranjith accused and said politicians have created an increasingly degenerate society.

“What did we get after independence,” he queried noting that all parties should be held responsible for creating an all-powerful dictator. “This is what led to the country’s devastation”.

He accused successive governments of having created disharmony between ethnicities and religions. “They wanted to create disharmony between Sinhalese and Tamil communities, then they tried to create disharmony between Catholics and Muslims to wrest power. That is why youngsters have congregated at the Galle Face Green to say enough is enough”.

There is need for change, he said.

“This system should be squashed and kicked out as the country is in need of a new independence. While the public are burdened with poverty, the leaders of Sri Lanka have started businesses abroad. We saw the blunder of this corrupt system in the attempt to cover up the evidence of the 2019 Easter attack. It is why the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka had to seek international support. We are appealing for justice and law enforcement. We want to ask the international community to help set up justice, honesty, the correct democracy and harmony between races and help change this corrupt political system,” he stressed.

Cardinal Ranjith said he and the church leaders were prepared to even sacrifice their lives for the community. “Life is what we have now and may lose tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of anyone. They can destroy the body but not the soul,” his Eminence added.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne