CPC introduces two consumer hotlines


The Ministry of Power and Energy established two hotlines for consumers to call if they have concerns about the quality of fuel.

Consumers have been advised to contact the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) regarding fuel quality at 0115234234 or 0115455130.

Speaking to the Media yesterday (2), Minister of Energy KanchanaWijesekara said the tree-month long fuel queues had been cleared and it was questionable  whether fuel queues that have come up again was at the behest of various political parties.

He also noted that people should not be concerned about a possible increase in fuel prices in the coming days.

“There would be no substandard fuel imported into the country and there is no doubt about the quality of fuel. The public can contact the CPC at 0115234234/0115455130 if they have any questions about fuel,” he noted.

Speaking further, he said that there has been much publicity about queues at fuelling stations due to a lack of stocks and tankers not delivering fuel and clarified that distribution did not take place on 1 May on account of Labour Day.  “However, fuel distribution will resume as usual today. All fuel stocks, including diesel and auto diesel, are in good condition, and steps have been taken to ensure that the Ceylon Electricity Board has adequate fuel supplies. Despite the limited supply of gasoline, tanker of petrol and crude oil remain anchored near the port. The unloading of fuel would begin”.

By Thameenah Razeek