SJB May Day rally ends in near fisticuffs


A heated argument between SJB MPs Sarath Fonseka and Harin Fernando over the list of speakers at the Party’s May Day rally had ended up in near fisticuffs yesterday.

According to eyewitnesses, Fonseka had questioned the order of the speakers and as to why his name was not on top, to which Fernando had responded gesturing towards party leader Sajith Premadasa. It was learnt, the latter had asked to change the list of speakers.

Meanwhile, MP Fonseka had also questioned as to why he was not in any video footage displayed at the rally and thereby a heated verbal exchange erupted where Fonseka berated Fernando in foul language and had allegedly  attempted to assault the latter. MP Manusha Nanaayakkara who intervened had escorted Fernando away from the scene in an attempt to douse the situation.

Meanwhile, SJB MPs Thalatha Atukorala and Rohini Kavirathna had also expressed their disappointment over not being allocated time for speeches as only Hirunika Premachandra was allowed to speak.