When I’m Famous…


Well, in this world each and every one of us wish to become famous, yes, of course, they want to! But why is that? Because we all want to have respect in this world. Being famous isn’t an easy task, we have to sacrifice our whole life on working hard, achieving goals.

It means a lot to become famous in this world. There are inspirational people like actors and artists, entrepreneurs, poets, singers, dancers, etc. If they are famous, then why don’t we talk about the ones who work in school, the famers, part-time job employees, the ones who do a job? Because they only have a value as ‘working’ in this world only.

There are many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo, The Rock, Justin Bieber, Neymar, Lionel Messi, Ellen, Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, Ariana Grande, Alan Walker and so on. Fine, let’s talk about ‘if i am famous’ now. I just wish to become a polite girl who wants to help each and every one and motivate them to become a successful person one day in life. Celebrities are usually wealthy people, who are able to have whatever they want. They live in a big, luxurious house also spends money as much as they want.

Well, as Andy Warhol said, “in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” That means a lot right? For example, we can take Shukra Munawwar who went to Lakshapathi, replied to all the questions and won it. People were talking about her only for a couple of days.

So if you are able to sing, dance, teach, inspire, then why do you feel like becoming famous? Obviously, you will be getting more respect, fans, will be able to meet other famous celebrities, chances to travel around the world.  But on the other hand, you won’t be having time to spend with your own family and friends. Do you agree? So you see, we don’t want to become famous, we all have our won talents which will help us to achieve a common goal and build a great life. 

By Fathima Aneesha Aneer