TELO leader slams Govt’s fiscal policy


 The Finance Ministry’s inability is the major reason for the current situation in the country and the Government is unable to set the prices of goods according to the actual value of the US dollar, said Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) Youth Wing Leader and Former Member of the Northern Provincial Council, Saba Kugadas.

He said the country is facing a severe economic crisis and has lost its income in every way including exports.

 “The prices of essentials in the country are being increased far more than the actual US dollar rate. When the dollar was Rs 200, the price of a cement bag was Rs 1,000, but now it has been increased up to Rs 2,850. When compared to the current US dollar rate, the price of a cement bag should be
Rs 1,750, whereas Rs 1,100 is being overcharged,” claimed Kugadas.

 To whom the extra amount is being credited; is it for an individual or a group? he questioned the Government.

 He further said that the Government should be responsible and answer the question as to where and to whom the extra charging amount being credited.

 “In addition, the Government blames the US dollar for the price increases. However, they are charging much more than the actual dollar rate and are increasing the prices as they wish”.

By Eunice Ruth