Princess Diana


Once upon a time there lived a king and queen in a kingdom named Alexandria. They were loved by everyone. They were also well known for their work.

After some time, the queen got a little girl who was very beautiful. This princess was named Diana. When this princess was 10 years of age her parents became ill. So, she was very sad. One day a fairy appeared in the garden. She went near Princess Diana and said, “Princess my name is Mary, do not be afraid I am a kind Fairy,” “Oh! Fairy please help me cure my parents” Princess Diana begged. “Yes princess don’t worry I came to help you” said the Fairy then she continued “Princess when you travel to Australia you’ll find a man, ask the man for the kind beast then he will show a place made of candy without eating any of them you have to go to 52nd room in the palace . There you will find a library and in the library there will be an olden book just drag it then you will find the beast having a unicorn then you have to give anything that the beast asks for after giving that come with unicorn to me.”

Princess Diana did what the fairy had told to her. She was afraid what will the beast ask from her for her surprise he asked for food. She had brought food on her journey she gave the food to him and the beast had given her the unicorn she took the unicorn. When travelling to Alexandria she saw a girl hurt and laying near a tree she was crying in pain. Princess Diana went near her and kept the unicorn there and went into the woods to find some medicine when she came, she saw the girl cured. The girl thanked Princess Diana but she didn’t say anything about how she was cured. Then she took the unicorn to the fairy the fairy took the unicorn to the room of her parents and told a magic word then her parents were cured from that day onwards the kingdom was back to normal and they lived happily ever after.

By Dinodi Dahamya Rathnayaka


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