Preserving the Beauty of Nature


Nature is every natural element around us. The beautiful clouds that sail across the sky, the bow that bridges between and overtop the trees and the beautiful spread of greenery around us are a few examples of nature.

Nature and its natural outcome just make the whole word a beautiful place. The importance of nature is immense as with nature we get paper, wood and mainly Oxygen from our trees. It is only because of nature that we get foreign revenue to our country. Even the smallest thing that we do to nature can have a great outcome. Nowadays people cut down our trees and chase animals from their natural habitat. Deforestation is the most common way on how we humans destroy nature. Planting more trees and not littering in our surroundings can be the two most simplest ways on how we can preserve nature.

We as children hold a major responsibility to engage in these solutions and give out a great outcome to our mother land. So let’s all join hands and preserve the nature together.

By Shaza Fazal