My Experience with Cricket 22 Videogame on Playstation 5


Must play for any Cricket fan!

Cricket fans all over the world have been waiting for the launch of the next generation of Cricket games, Cricket 22. I got my hands on the latest Cricket game as soon as it came out here in Sri Lanka and have been playing it over the past few months. I even have my unboxing, tutorial and initial gameplay of Cricket 22 up on my gaming channel, If you want to get a feel for the game before you spend your money on it, check that out.

Right at the start of Cricket 22, something new I noticed is the improvements to graphics when compared to Cricket 19. Cricket 22 has been optimised for the newest generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. I tested out the game on the PS5 and it looks wonderful. In less than a month I clocked over 100 hours of gameplay with Cricket 22 which shows how addictive this game is.

With Cricket 22 there are a lot of gameplay modes and competitions including the Hundred, CPL and more. I wish the Lanka Premier League was also an official option, unfortunately not. If not, it would have been the perfect fit for this December with the newest season of the Lanka Premier League happening these days as well.

Cricket 22 is also focused on the Ashes series with Australia and England. I’m sure you have seen it in all the trailers as the ‘Official Game of the Ashes’ and I like how well the game has been improved to match the players and their actions. I even noticed Lasith Malinga’s Slinga bowling action in the game, which was pretty amazing to see especially as a Sri Lankan.

Overall, the gameplay has been improved across all formats, with batting, bowling and fielding however I wish countries like Sri Lanka also got their real teams on the game. Cricket 22 has a bigger selection of countries and licensed countries than Cricket 19, therefore, I hope in the future we will get more countries added to that list, including Sri Lanka, because that would be really awesome. For now, we have to survive with the community-made teams for the non-licensed teams.

Another major improvement to Cricket 22 is the enhanced Career mode. Now there are more options for you to explore with your player and you get to experience a little story too. There are gym workouts, net sessions and other tasks that help you improve your performance and form too. What I like here is that you’re not JUST playing matches like we used to do with Cricket 19. With Cricket 22, there is a little journey that makes it more interesting to keep playing. If you’re playing alone, this will surely keep you occupied for a few days or a few weeks!

The controls of the game are easy to remember and if you have experience with Cricket 19, it will be super easy to get started. For batting, you can pick a direction you wish to hit the ball and then choose one of the four ways to hit it. I love hitting aggressive lofted shots all over the ground. Bowling is slightly more difficult mainly because there are a lot of options. Bowlers can be fast, medium-fast, leg-spin, off-spin or more. Regardless of the type of bowler you select, you get a good selection of balls to bowl and you really can come up with a tactical plan to get your opponents out. It’s a really time consuming, yet rewarding experience. With Cricket 22 now you also have more flexibility in terms of getting runouts and getting direct hits and also getting catches.

The Developers of the game, Big Ant Studios have been pushing out useful updates and patches to the game to improve it since launch which is always welcome. It’s good to see the developers constantly making improvements to the gameplay, just to mention an example, they recently added “pyro” fireworks every time you hit a boundary, which gives it an awesome feeling especially when you hammer a six out of the ground!

While Cricket 22 is a much-improved Cricket game compared to the last generation Cricket 19, there are still a lot of bugs to be resolved to make this Cricket game, THE BEST Cricket game out there. That being said, since this is the only option for us at the moment when it comes to Cricket games, it leaves us with no option but try it out. This is definitely a must-play for any Cricket fan! I just hope the developers will keep polishing the game as we go forward because a bug-free version of this game, would be pretty amazing!

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By Banu Athuraliya