HC Order sought to revoke ban


 An application was submitted to the High Court, on Friday (29 April), seeking an order vacating the Kaluwanchikudy Magistrate’s Court Order, which restrained Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Shanakiyan Rasamanickam from staging and engaging in protests against the Government for 14 days from 28 April.

TNA spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran said they appeared in Court on Friday and submitted the application, as the request submitted by the Kalawanchikudy Police was false. The Court said that he was not restrained from staging protests, instead, he was restrained from causing damages to public property.  

“However, while the whole country is staging protests against the Government, it is unfair to restrain him and we condemn the action taken by the Police,” said Sumanthiran.

“The Police made a complaint to the Magistrate’s Court claiming that Rasamanickam had organised a protest on 28 April, which would cause traffic congestion and destroy public property.

However, he had not organised any such event and the Court was misled by the Police,” Sumanthiran said.

Meanwhile, the TNA organised a protest in Kalmunai on Friday against the current situation in the country and also over the killing of journalists and media persons. However, allegedly, undercover Police personnel, who had claimed to be from the Police Media unit, had mingled with the journalists and taken videos of the protest.

“If you want to take videos and check on us, attend in Police uniform and do not mingle with journalists. “Already many have caused trouble to the media and journalists within the country and do not even try to touch them. Also, don’t treat Colombo and Batticalo protests as two different protests as we follow the same rule in the country,” said Rasamanickam.

By Eunice Ruth