Dear Prime Minister


You had quite the fall from grace hadn’t you? In fact, you are so far away from grace that grace is now a dot to you. Someone who once was regarded as the father of the nation and who was once literally called ‘appachchi’ by the vast majority of the country is now downgraded to a commonplace, not-so-graceful bird, and an old one at that. Although you say you are unfazed by the public outcry, almost everywhere in the country and outside your official residence, we both know that it is not the truth.

You say you are not afraid of the ‘devil’ and that’s why you have built your humble abode in the ‘cemetery’ but if that’s the case why play pirith via a loudspeaker to die down the collective voices of the protesters who have gathered outside your official residence calling for you to resign and calling you out to have that race you said you have no problem with taking part in? By the way if by ‘cemetery’ you mean the Government you have formed we think the term is oddly appropriate given the average age of the ministers of your Government is more or less the average life expectancy of Sri Lanka. And the go-to dress code of the most of you being full white is another happy coincidence that goes well with this ‘cemetery’ theme.

You must be wondering why the whole country is being so ungrateful to you, the leader who single-handedly brought an end to the 30-year internal conflict  that plagued our country and then brought in the rapid infrastructure development as if to make up for all the years lost to the war. To be perfectly honest we haven’t forgotten the good you have done to the country, it is just that we as a country have reached the limit of wrongs you could possibly commit and get away with since you have done that one good.

We are a grateful nation and contrary to the popular belief, we don’t forget things so easily, at least not the good deeds. Soon after that final and fatal blow was dealt putting an end to the war you landed in the free Sri Lanka and drooped to your knees to worship the ground. Regardless whether it was a publicity stunt or an earnest act, it earned you so many brownie points to last over two decades. They would have lasted even longer if you hadn’t done certain things that managed to raise quite a few eyebrows. First, you pointed finger at your own faithful Army Commander for committing military offences.

Regardless these allegations held water or not it certainly looked as if you did so purely to get at him for contesting against you in the presidential election. Then you brought in an amendment to the constitution ending the presidential term limits, utilising the overwhelming majority in the Parliament the grateful voters of the country has given you in return for ending war. While you certainly had the power to do so, many questioned the need to do so at the time as it looked more like you decided to strike the iron while it’s hot.

Blinded by power all the subsequent actions you took, both when you were in the Government and the Opposition, resulted in you losing more and more points and here we are now; at a juncture where you are almost out of points and we are almost out of patience.

You recently calmed down the nerves of your faithful party members in a gathering, assuring them that you have no intention of stepping down from your position in the Government. As the voters who have utilised their suffrage to send you to the seat you are too clingy to let go, need we remind you that it is not the woes of your political friends and the henchmen you should answer but the collective voice of the people whom you represent?

You might have put on a brave face and a smile in addressing your party members but to tell you the truth, we the general public are at a point where we can no longer afford to put on a brave face. Inflation, cost of living, economic instability, and the uncertainty of our jobs are increasing by the day and we have now come to the realisation, after years of ignorance, that it all because of the actions of you and the others in the Parliament, more importantly the ones who bear the same last name as your.

Past glories of yours have already run out and if there is any last heroic act you can pull off at this point of time, it is to listen to the general public, for once.


People have spoken               

By Sanuj Hathurusinghe