CBSL to issue Rs 97.5B T Bills to repay Rs 90.7B maturities


Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), will be issuing Rs 97,500 million worth of Treasury T Bills to the market this coming Wednesday (4 May) to repay  Rs 90,659 million worth of maturing Treasury (T) Bills also held by the market, which will have to be settled by the coming Friday (6 May), CBSL’s Friday’s (29 April) data showed.

The splits of the new, Rs 97,500 million worth of T Bills issuance are Rs 40,000 million worth of 91-day maturities, Rs 30,000 million 182-day maturities and Rs 27,500 million 364 day maturities, respectively. The settlement of this new issuance is also on the coming Friday.

Meanwhile, the splits of the Rs 90,659 million worth of T Bill maturities repayable to the market by the coming Friday comprise Rs 88,500 million worth of 91-day maturities, Rs 1,671 million worth of 182-day maturities and Rs 488 million worth of 364-day maturities, respectively. However, maturing T Bills held by the CBSL which will also have to be repaid to it by GoSL by the coming Friday are unknown as CBSL doesn’t make such data privy.

CBSL generally repays such maturities by reissuing fresh T Bills to the market. The announcement of the issuance of such a fresh stock of T Bills is generally made on Fridays, in this instance on 29 April, where this announcement of this Rs 97,500 million issuance, was made.  

By Paneetha Ameresekere


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