Allianz Lanka Hosts Webinar to Encourage Women to Break the Bias


Women who break glass ceilings, embody strength and inspire lives through their simple everyday actions rarely get enough recognition for their efforts. In honour of Women’s Day and, more importantly, Women’s History Month, Allianz Lanka hosted a seminar for their employees featuring pioneer and power woman, Chairperson of the Indira Cancer Trust, Dr. Lanka Jayasuriya Dissanayake to share her incredible story.

Hosted under the global theme, the seminar was held at the Allianz Lanka Auditorium and provided a platform for women to share their stories, inspire impactful change, and #BreakTheBias across all walks of life. Recognised for her ardent personal crusade against cancer, Dr. Lanka Jayasuriya Dissanayake spoke to the audience about the humble beginnings of The Indira Cancer Trust, relaying the story of the demise of her sister, Indira, and her battle with cancer. Dr. Jayasuriya describes Indira as a strong woman, who endured the disease even through two childbirths, and never gave up hope, inspiring courage and perseverance in the minds of the audience.

Sharing his thoughts, Gany Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer at Allianz Insurance Lanka stated, “At Allianz, employee welfare and equal opportunity are our top priorities, and this is reflected in the various projects and facilities made available to ensure the comfort and safety of employees across the organisation. These initiatives not only promote employee welfare, but also largely focus on employee development and success, with the intent of enriching their minds and lives for a more prosperous tomorrow.”