A Hilariously Entertaining Treasure Hunt


The comedy driven, action-adventure film, The Lost City released recently, starring Sandra Bullock as Loretta Sage, a best-selling romance novelist and Channing Tatum as Alan Caprison, her cover model. The hilarious story takes shape when Loretta is kidnapped, and Alan embarks on a dangerous journey to prove himselfand rescue her.

The film with the taglines “The jungle isn’t ready for this kind of action” and “the Adventure is real. The heroes are not.” It is a film that is easily enjoyable and entertaining, supported by fun dialogue and over the top drama, that at times, does not take itself seriously.

The story centres around novelist Loretta Sage, who writes about very exotic places as part of her adventure novels, which feature Alan as Dash, a charming hero in her adventures in all her books. Alan who is popular with her readers, for his handsome appearance and on-stage charm, adds humour to the film as a character who looks good but is not as smart as Loretta. The core story unfolds when Loretta is kidnapped by dangerous men while leaving a book tour stop, to promote her new book, The Lost City of D. Alan who witnesses the kidnapping, decides that he will rescue her and be her hero, not just in her romance novels, but in real life. This turns an already hilarious film, into a fun adventure that is easily enjoyable to watch, filled with adventure and humour at every turn.

The film also stars Daniel Radcliffe plays Abigail Fairfax, a billionaire criminal, Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays Beth Hatten, Loretta’s publicist who does what she can to find her. Patti Harrison plays Allison, her hilarious social media manager, Oscar Nunez plays Oscar, an eccentric pilot of a cargo plane, and Brad Pitt stars as Jack Trainer, a person of action, who Alan enlists, to join his rescue mission.

Abigail Fairfax, is set on finding the lost treasure in an ancient city and is convinced that the treasure mentioned inone of Loretta’s novels, is the same one that he is trying to find. Loretta who has been reclusive after the death of her husband, is reluctant to help her kidnapper and be part of his search.

Filmed in the Dominican Republic, the story features a natural scenic layout, as the lead cast try to find the lost ancient treasure. The story feels like a romantic comedy, which relies heavily on its lead stars, who have good onscreen chemistry between them, which was just enough for the film.The core story is fun to watch but it is not ambitious in delivering more than what is on the surface, with a straightforward treasure hunt with bad guys in the mix wanting to excavate the lost treasure. The 112-minute film by directors Adam Nee and Aaron Nee, was made together with producers Liza Chasin, Seth Gordon, and the star herself Sandra Bullock, working in collaboration with production companies 3dot Productions, Exhibit A, and Fortis Films.

Made with a production budget estimated to be between US 68 to 74 million dollars, the film’s release easily earned over 128 million at the worldwide box-office, supported by mostly positive critic, backed by ratings of 78 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, 60 per cent on Metacritic and 6.6/10 on IMDb.

The Lost City is a fun movie that is perfect for a date night, which can benefit from a few easy laughs, and is sure to put a smile on the face of every viewer. This is an easy to watch film that many will enjoy, not for its plot, but for its creatively scripted dialogue.

By Nirupa Mohan Dore