SLPP Basil faction will sit in Opposition – Herath


JVP MP Vijitha Herath says he has received reliable information that if Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is removed from office, the Basil Rajapaksa faction of the SLPP plans to sit in the Opposition.

He said, in such a scenario the composition of Parliament would be in disarray.

He observed that the SJB presently has only 40 plus MPs in the House and in such a situation the Basil faction of the SLPP has more seats and hence they could lay claim to becoming the new Opposition.

However, Herath added that replacing Mahinda Rajapaksa with another SLPP MP or allowing the Basil faction to sit in the Opposition were not the solutions to the ills plaguing this country.

He said people are fed up with the politics of the Rajapaksa family and insisted that the need of the hour is for them to leave public office and allow the country to turn a new leaf in terms of politics.

By Anurada Herath